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How can I invest in Tesla (TSLA) stocks? 💰

In this personalised comparison, we will discuss a little more about Tesla stocks and where you can invest in them. Recently, TSLA has been featured in the news a lot, so let’s dive in and find out a bit more about the background of the stock itself and where TSLA stocks can be bought.

Who is Tesla?

​Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company, founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur and founder of other businesses like SpaceX and more recently, owner and CEO of X (formerly Twitter). Tesla is best known for the production of affordable electric cars such as the Model S and Model 3. In 2021, Tesla also joined a small, elite group of companies worth over $1 trillion.

Where can I invest in Tesla?

Tesla Inc (TSLA) is listed on the NASDAQ - the US stock exchange, based in New York. For investors wanting to buy and sell Tesla stock, you’ll need to use a trading platform that offers access to US-based stocks (also known as shares or equities). We’ve provided an overview of investment platforms where you’ll be able to invest in Tesla.

How to buy shares in Tesla

  1. Choose the right platform for you that offers access to US stocks like Tesla. Most investment accounts can be opened by either web or app. We've included four suggestions for platforms in this article, all of which offer access to Tesla shares (plus some bonus rewards for joining with Pluto!).

  2. Open your account and verify your identity. You may need things such as your passport or driver's licence, proof of address (such as utility bill), and potentially your national insurance number. This process is standard for most investment platforms and is required by the platforms from a legal and regulatory perspective.

  3. Add a deposit method like linking your bank, card, Apple Pay, or another payment method to fund your account. 

  4. Search the platform for Tesla or by its stock code TSLA to find it.

Does Tesla pay dividends?

No, Tesla does not currently pay dividends and doesn’t show many signs of changing this policy any time soon.

How long does it take to open most accounts?

The whole process can take less than 10 minutes in most cases and can be done usually by either computer or through your mobile phone. Make sure you have the required ID verification and deposit means handy to avoid any delays while you look for them. Make sure to check minimum deposit amounts, fees, and any other information and features important to you, before opening an account.


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Who are Tesla?
Where can I invest in Tesla?
How to buy shares in Tesla
Does Tesla pay dividends?
How long does it take?
interactive investor

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