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Easiest to Use App

Discover our Pluto round-up of the easiest to use investment platforms across different asset categories on the market today.

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In this comparison table, we present some of the easiest-to-use apps on the market. We’ve broken this down into a couple of asset classes, as different providers specialise in different assets. We’ve listed some of the key features of the winning providers in the table, and explain a little more about them and what we like about their platforms below. 

We’ve picked the easiest-to-use platforms based on things such as UI, UX, and general accessibility and ease of use. We also base this on how well the apps work. This is relevant to both the beginner and the more experienced investor, as both want a well-explained, accessible app, where investing feels intuitive.


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Min. deposit
Our rating
Alternative assets (whisky, wine, watches etc.)
iOS, Android
Free €‎50 Splint
Crypto, FX, debit card with XRP cashback
iOS, Android
Shares, ETFs, funds, ISAs, SIPPs
iOS, Android
Shares, ETFs, crypto, forex, commodities, indices, CFDs
iOS, Android

T&C's apply, Capital at risk.

T&C's apply, Capital at risk.

T&C's apply, Capital at risk.

T&C's apply, Capital at risk.

Comparison Table
Shares and ETFs

Easiest for shares and ETFs: interactive investor

interactive investor is an award-winning investment platform. They have been helping investors for over 25 years, offering high-quality content and impartial insights. They're now the UK’s number one flat-fee investment platform, with assets under administration over £50 billion and over 400,000 customers. They offer a wide choice of over 40,000 UK and international investment options, including shares, funds, trusts, and ETFs.

We love the ii platform for its clean look, use of bold colours, and simplistic, easy account set-up process. The app offers access to a huge amount of shares, ETFs, and funds so it’s safe to say they probably have what you are looking for. Onboarding is also seamless and ii follow up with a free onboarding call over the phone, should you need it to help you get started and to answer any questions.


Easiest for cryptocurrencies: Uphold

Uphold serves 184+ countries, across 200+ currencies (traditional and crypto) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since 2015, Uphold has powered more than $4 billion in transactions. Uphold also provides a no foreign transaction fee debit card that offers 4% cashback if you spend crypto and 2% if national currencies - with no annual fees.

The Uphold app has a modern feel with dark colours and neon logos, with everything you need arranged into a tile/widget style. From the home page, you can easily and quickly view your investments, your virtual card (for which you get cashback in XRP), and a snapshot of the best-performing assets. The menu bar is really neat and simplified, allowing you to toggle between your home page, the trade page, and the markets page. It’s a clean, modern-looking app, perfect for any level of investor.


Easiest for alternative assets: Splint Invest

Splint Invest is a Switzerland-based alternative asset investment app. As a team, they combine over 20 years of experience in financial services and financial market regulation to help democratise alternative asset access for retail investors around the world. Splint Invest offers fractional, low-barrier access to the real world, and tangible investment assets from fine wine and art to cars, luxury jewelry, and beyond.

The Splint Invest app is very easy to use. It has a clean white/navy colour scheme and font throughout, making understanding and reading all the asset information easy and accessible. They provide visuals of the products you can buy a Splint in, and graphs to show the expected value development of the asset. The variety of assets is listed at the top too (whiskey, watches, art, etc.) which makes it easy to search through and find the alternative you are interested in. Overall, a very well-made app, that comes with a fast and effective sign-up process.


Easiest for multi-asset: eToro

eToro is a trading and investing platform that empowers users to grow their knowledge and wealth as part of a global community. Since its launch in 2007, the Group has gone on to become one of the world's most successful investment platforms, boasting over 30 million users worldwide. Users can trade a breadth of assets from stocks to crypto and beyond in one easy-to-use platform.

It’s not hard to see why they have a large and loyal user base from around the world. eToro provides a slick user experience and a breadth of assets to suit pretty much any investor. If you’re looking for a place to diversify your portfolio, but keep it all under one app - eToro might be for you.


In summary, we’ve considered a variety of providers and sifted through several apps to find some of the easiest to use. We think these four make up some of the most accessible, simple, and easy-to-use apps on the market, making them a good choice for first-time investors, or seasoned investors who may want to try a new provider.

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