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Assets: Alternatives

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Lowest investment         Fee

Capital at risk.








2% fee at sale



Splint Invest is a Switzerland-based alternative asset investment app, which offers access to real-world, tangible investment assets across fine wine, art, cars, luxury watches and bags, and beyond. Start investing from as little as €50.

T&Cs apply. Capital at risk.



T&Cs apply. Capital at risk. The value of investments can go down as well as up. Pluto may receive a commission from this provider at no cost to you.

To receive

  1. ‘Open account’ above, sign-up on the Splint Invest app and verify your identity.

  2. Under ‘Profile’, go to ‘Redeem bonus codes’, and type code ‘Pluto’.

  3. Get a free €60 Splint, and use it to invest in whisky, art, fine wine and more!


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