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Discover the best investment platforms, banks, and rewards on the market

Learn all things investing with our visual lessons, practise investing in our risk-free in-app simulation environment, and then find and compare all the best real-money platforms across investing and banking (and get rewards for joining). All for free.

Compare banks and investment platforms

Learn and practise investing

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Start by learning about investing 💡 

Learn about stocks

Learn about investing

Learn about alternatives

Learn about crypto

Practise investing

Practise without money

Practise for free

Practise new knowledge

Then practise for free on the demo app 📱

Understand more in less time


Grow your financial confidence and learn through our short, visualised lessons - made for learning on the go. Curated by experts and financial professionals and designed to be straightforward and easy-to-understand.

Made by experts

Concise lessons

Visual learning

Animated mountains

Short lessons for beginners or seasoned investors 📈

Easy learning 🙏

All for free 👌

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No real money involved 💸

Animated cable cars

Completely safe investing practise 🔐

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Then, practise investing on the demo app

Invest as you would for real, but without the risk of losing money along the way. With live market movements, real time price fluctuations, and a variety of stocks and cryptocurrencies. Practise investing 100% risk-free and track your performance over time.


No real money

Practise investing

Variety of assets

Finally, discover, find and compare the best platforms to invest for real


Feel like you might be ready to try investing for real? Compare a variety of investment platforms on the market, discover incentives and rewards for joining, and find the place to continue your investing journey.

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Discover the full Find and Compare marketplace on web​


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✅ Platform reviews from Pluto users

✅ Comparison tables across stocks, ETFs, alternatives, trading, crypto and more

✅ Find and Compare across real money investing platforms

✅ 'Banking' comparisons coming soon!

✅ Key details page for each platform

✅ Got any thoughts? Leave reviews on any platform

✅ Featuring platforms such as eToro, interactive investor, Trading 212, and many more!


Invest in yourself

It'll be worth it 🎉

Investing knowledge and insights shouldn't be reserved for the few, it should be accessible for all.


Learn the basics, and the tricky bits - all at your own pace. Then practise it all in our demo app before even risking a single penny.

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Download the app today and start building your wealth.

It's completely free 💸

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